Over 30 Years of Practicing Family Law, By Choice

After having litigated hundreds of cases, I’ve concluded that it’s a last resort for most people due to the cost, the unpredictability, the public nature of litigation, and lasting wounds inflicted. Judges do their best to come to fair resolutions, but those resolutions are subjective and rarely met with enthusiasm.

personal and compassionate

My process is to gather all of the information that we’ll need and analyze it so that I know what would be a fair resolution based on the Court’s standards. We then add your priorities to the mix, making your most important goals our focus. Finally, we look at the legal realities to see the best route to achieving your most important goals.



  • Smith College, B.A.
  • UConn Law School, J.D.
  • Special Master in the court system
  • Private Special Master available to privately mediate settlements


While I am grateful for my top ratings and awards, I’m most pleased when my clients are satisfied and able to move forward productively when the legal actions have ended.