Why Select Me for Your Lawyer?

There are many competent divorce lawyers who can handle your matter well.
Below are a few considerations as you make your decision:

prompt response & professional management

  1. I will always reply to you within 24 hours unless I am on vacation (I have 2 colleagues to cover in my absence) or on trial and that includes most weekends. Often, I’ll be back to you sooner.
  2. I am the only one who will be managing your file. There are disadvantages to being a solo practitioner, but there is the advantage that there will not be two hands in the process and no one else will ever have to be brought up to speed. Though Leslie and Randi will be assisting, I’ll be the only one doing your legal work.

trust and preparation

  1. After my cases conclude, my clients often become friends because we’ve developed trust and friendship along the way. While the case is in process, professional boundaries are maintained, but I view it as an honor to stay in touch.
  2. I’m proactive. We will never be caught unprepared and we won’t ask for a continuance unless you want one. It will never be because we are not ready.

experience and dedication to your case

  1. My hourly rate may be high but experience means I will do a task in one hour that might take another lawyer four hours. I also always present a cost/benefit analysis for you as issues arise, but ultimately you are the determiner of the path we’ll take.
  2. I limit my caseload so that I can accomplish the above. Your case is important to me. Our communication is important to me. Both require that we have the space and ability to connect when we need to. A limited caseload is necessary for that connection to be possible.

There are many lawyers who can meet your needs so by all means have a few interviews; see what style you feel comfortable with; and then make your decision as to what’s best for you and your family.